Abigail Faires


From Writer, to Educator, to Entrepreneur 

I believe inclusive communication is the root of all understanding and knowledge. It is a practice that will equip our future generations to be successful leaders no matter what paths they choose to pursue.

These beliefs are what fuel my passion for connecting classrooms and communities across the world.

And they remain at the core of my work as a freelance writer, international educator, and co-founder of Learn2Link: a global learning network that inspires youth-led community development and 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.

Responsible Travel


Through long-term travel, I began to realize the vast interconnectedness of the world’s economies, environment, and most of all, its people. 

Social Impact

I now help socially-oriented organizations and individuals to lead projects, develop programs, and effectively communicate their mission to global stakeholders.


As Co-Founder of Learn2Link, my goal is to give students from all corners of the globe an inclusive opportunity to learn; to embrace the core values of Empathy, Collaboration, and Respect for Diversity; and to solve some of the most imminent challenges facing their communities. 

Abby is so easy to work with—professional, determined, efficient, meticulous, easygoing, takes a personal interest in projects, and asks intriguing questions as a journalist.

Justin Todd, Impact 18 Publishing

Abby has strong leadership skills, and she was an inspiration not only to her fellow volunteers but also to the Up Close Bolivia staff.

Emma Donlan, Up Close Bolivia

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