Screen Shot 2019-05-05 at 11.05.15 AMProposal for the U.S. Embassy La Paz – PAS Annual Program Statement of the Public Diplomacy Grants Program, Funding Opportunity Number: PAS-LAPAZ-FY19-01


The Culture-ist: The Indochina Example: With Summer Travel in Full Swing, Responsible Tourism in Southeast Asia Matters Now More Than Ever 

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The Culture-ist: 5 Tips to Travel More Responsibly This Summer, Explore Regions: Discover the Panama Canal, Explore Regions: Discover the Baltic Sea, Explore Regions: Discover Egypt and the Red Sea, Explore Regions: Discover Fiji

Ask 3 Therapists: Handle Poisonous People Now

Ask 3 Therapists: Handle Poisonous Parents Now

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World Smart Travels

Undiscovered Thailand: Off the Beaten Path in Chiang Mai

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World Smart Travels

3 Tips for Responsible Tourism in Cambodia

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World Smart Travels

Destination: Ha Long Bay, Vietnam


Be sure to check out Happy Belly, Happy Life. Now available on Amazon!

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Forbes Entrepreneurs

Ghost Writing for Gabriel Shaoolian, Forbes Entrepreneurs

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Yellow Scene Magazine

Still Boomin’: Healthcare, BoCo, & the Woodstock Generation

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Ben Barres, as featured in the Boulder Weekly

CWA: An Unbalanced Equation

Gut as Second Brain

The Boulder Weekly

The Gut As a Second Brain

Maca Mania

Nativas Naturals, as featured in the Boulder Weekly

Maca Mania

Holiday Detox

5280 The Denver Magazine

Holiday Detox Plan

Five (Natural) Ways to Fight Cold Flu

5280 The Denver Magazine

Five (Natural) Ways to Fight the Cold and Flu Season

13 Days in the Bush

University of Colorado Alumni Magazine

Thirteen Days in the Bush